A Tool for Artistic Expression, A Channel for the Creative Mind. At QRS, We Understand Your Quirks

Studio Tracking Good Vibe, Relaxed Environment, Quality Product.


With the ability to record 16 simultaneous tracks, our facility can meet the demands of almost any musician or band.

Our solid Microphone collection provides us with a wide range in functionality and frequency responses, allowing us to record almost any instrument with clarity and precision.

Tracking to either Pro Tools or Logic, we remain versatile, providing the functionality of both leading DAW applications, for both purists and experimental artists alike.

We currently operate out of a large central tracking mixing room with good acoustics, in an air-conditioned relaxed environment.

Studio Mixing Leading DAW Software with a large Plug-in Selection.


Along with multiple DAW applications, QRS possesses a large selection of audio plugging for both major platforms.

We have Synths by East West Samples and Vocal processors by Celemony Antares. For you hardcore plug users we also have a UAD Quad card and multiple Waves bundles.

We are currently running the Euphonix Artist Series mix system which ads extreme functionality and speed to the mixing process.

Our studio monitoring is A/B d through a pair of JBL LSR8’s and custom designed JL Audio Monitors, designed to replicate the car audio environment.

Remote (Live) TrackingCapture that Unique Vibe, with a Live Album or EP.


For Artists who wish to capture a moment or archive their performance, we offer a number of live recording options and packages.

From a one or two Source event like an open mic night or talent show to your band’s live gig, we have what you need.

With live recording, we also offer some in studio mixing as part of the package, usually allotting 4-8 hours of mixing time per event.

We can do more than music, we will also record seminars and other speaking events, and for filmmakers we do have a shotgun mic with boom for use in production sound.